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Ounce of Prevention

“An ounce of prevention is worth a better quality of life.”

RSP believes in the philosophy that social change is guided by a proactive stance around health and wellness prevention.  While we don’t know how to prevent many of the diseases of the reproductive system that affect us, we are also mindful of other chronic diseases that we can prevent. 

Our belief in an ounce of prevention casts a wide net in approaches and understanding of health prevention:

  • Inquire about the HPV vaccine to prevent cervical cancer in young girls/women, including the vaccination of young boys
  • Be aware of risk factors that may lead to cancer
  • Familiarity of social determinants of health
  • Seek timely health screenings, be inquisitive, discuss tests, findings, examinations and potential treatment
  • Practice medical adherence
  • Get help to navigate medical systems and linguistic barriers
  • Seek timely medical treatments
  • Transform silence into words and actions toward better health outcomes
  • Demand and receive quality and adequate health care services and treatment
  • Be an active agent of your health by taking holistic approaches of body and mind --- that incorporates a blend of exercise, mental health care, stress reduction, good nutrition, and physical activities
  • Awareness of exposure to environmental toxins and chemicals in our food, personal care, and household cleaning products
  • Be aware that these chemicals can mimic natural estrogen
  • Become well informed women and community members who can articulate reproductive and overall health concerns and needs