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A Summer Gathering of Inspiration and Resilience
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Our Goals

  • Promote public dialogue and activism in order to address critical gaps in education and awareness around health, medical, racial, and social inequities regarding diseases of the reproductive system in women of African descent.  
  • Organize women and girl-centered programs that prioritize and respect the perspectives and voices of women in our community as full partners.  
  • Inform and be informed on issues of reproductive health, social determinants of health, and structural inequalities that make us more vulnerable to the burden of diseases of the reproductive system. 
  • Reevaluate the culture of silence and distrust that has negatively affected black women’s health, particularly around diseases of the reproductive system with an endeavor for transformative social change.  
  • Reach and engage young black women (15- 21 years old) as well as adult black women into the discourse of reproductive health and associated diseases to become active participants in their own health care and their communities.  
  • Encourage women of African descent to prioritize their reproductive health and eliminate the culture of silence, secrecy, and inaction surrounding these diseases.  
  • Create direct alliances with grassroots organizations with deep concerns for reproductive health/justice along with other academic, legal, medical, and social institutions that share RSP’s mission and visions.