Current Projects


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Sisterhood empowerment circleS

These quarterly groups are an opportunity for black women and their allies to join together to build community, practice self-care through a holistic approach, learn and share with one another. We host these gatherings with the goal of reducing stress, supporting each other and sparking social change and action.

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Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated Women Program

We actively work to provide greater access and knowledge to organizations that serve incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women on matters of  reproductive health needs. This includes speaking at local and national conferences, and strong collaboration with Boston Area Rape Crisis Center focusing on PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act) and Family for Justice as Healing (FJHA).  


Reproductive Health and Justice Program

This program includes a variety of educational activities to increase awareness of issues that affect the broad spectrum of reproductive health needs of black women. These issues include health disparities, the Black women’s maternal health crisis, preconception health, and epigenetic factors impacting pregnancy and birth outcomes, environmental and food justice, racial related stress, reproductive justice and infertility knowledge.


Intergenerational Chats

These chats bring black women across generations together to address diseases that have affected their lives of many generations. We highlight the voices and wisdom of older black women. 


Young Advisory Board Blog

The Young Advisor Board Reproductive Health Blog supports the education and awareness of women of African descent between 18 and 40 years regarding diseases and issues of the reproductive health system. The blog covers an array of topics including disease management, reproductive health research, cultural and social influences and stigma, maternal health, reproductive justice, and infertility. This will serve as a resource for black women seeking timely and relevant information for their reproductive health concerns.


Interpersonal Violence Program

This program includes a partnership with Boston Area Rape Crisis Center and relationships with interpersonal violence agencies including the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center for Violence Prevention and Recovery and the Newton Wellesley Hospital Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault program.

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Education and Outreach Programs

RSP offers myriad programs to educate the public about the needs of black women who are affected by diseases of the reproductive health system. We do this by leading trainings and workshops in community, medical and educational settings. We host information tables, attend community events, present at conferences and teach in educational settings.