Reproductive Health and Prison

RSP brings a strong understanding to the reproductive health needs of currently and formerly incarcerated women and girls in order to work in partnership with them and give voice to their lived experiences. We collaborate with organizations such as Families for Justice As Healing (FJAH) whose mission is to end the incarceration of women and girl in this country as well as the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center (BARCC) with a mission to end sexual violence through healing and social change. BARCC’s Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) Project supports survivors of sexual violence who are incarcerated in Massachusetts. Working together with these organizations allows RSP to advocate for better services and insure access to the same quality of reproductive health services as the general public for currently and formerly incarcerated women and girls.

  • Increasing numbers of women and girls each year in the US represent a growing proportion of incarcerated people in the correctional system.

  • Most of the women and girls who are being incarcerated are of reproductive age.

  • The prison population reveals strong evidence of reproductive health inequalities.

  • Many women and girls are largely from disadvantaged communities, often times dealing with substance abuse, DV, SA violence, and other trauma.

  • They tend to be in poorer physical and mental health than the general population.

  • Build a picture to assess the current reproductive health services available to currently and formerly incarcerated women and girls.