Our Mission

The Resilient Sisterhood Project’s mission is to educate and empower women of African descent regarding common but rarely discussed diseases of the reproductive system that disproportionately affect them. We approach these diseases and associated issues through a cultural and social justice lens, because we believe that poor knowledge of reproductive health is primarily related to health, racial, and socioeconomic disparities.

Our Vision

Transforming communities to find solutions for diseases of the reproductive system that disproportionally affect Black women

Our Vision Goals

1.     Engage with Black women affected by diseases of the reproductive system, through advocacy, case management, and medical advocacy.

2.     Provide education using evidence-based curricula.

3.     Develop training programs focused on the broad spectrum of reproductive health and justice needs of black women.

4.     Create research partnerships and publish papers to help shape and have an impact on relevant laws and public policies.

5.     Advocate for increased scientific and sociological research on key topics related to diseases of the reproductive system such as uterine fibroids, infertility, as well as breast and endometrial cancer.

6.     Bring awareness to the use of black women’s bodies for gynecological research through multimedia projects. 

Statement About “Women”

RSP brings an expansive definition to the word “women.” Thus, our definition includes transgender women, cisgender women, gender queer, and gender non-conforming people.

Overview of RSP

The Resilient Sisterhood Project (RSP), founded in 2012 is an emerging nonprofit based in Boston to raise awareness and empower women and young adults of African descent affected by diseases of the reproductive system.  Regardless of ethnicity or socioeconomic status black women are disproportionately affected by diseases of the reproductive system. These diseases include, but are not limited to uterine fibroids, endometriosis, infertility, polycystic ovary syndrome, as well as breast, cervical, endometrial and ovarian cancers. RSP works in partnership with—rather than on behalf of black women and young adults in our communities as we mobilize to address deeply rooted racial discrimination and internalized racism, health and medical inequities, oppressive cultural/gender norms, environmental/food injustice, and other social determinants of health that perpetuate the silence, secrecy, and inaction surrounding these diseases. We make a conscious decision to bring a unique social and cultural approach in the discourse of these diseases.  Our programs and services represent a venue of support for advocacy, activism, and education. We organize both structured and informal dialogue/individual interactions to provide a culturally sensitive safe space where women of African descent can speak freely and inquire about reproductive health conditions about which they may feel some anxiety.

RSP's Programs

Zine & Blog for Reproductive Health

 We currently offer a peer education program for young adults (15-21 years old), which focuses on the art of Zine & Blog creation. Zines are self-published magazines that we use to prioritize the voices of young black girls. We use this medium to engage young people as peer educators and   leaders into the discourse of reproductive health and associated diseases. The peer educators use the knowledge they acquire to train their own peers and create well thought out zines.

Education & Outreach

This program brings a new dimension to the public discourse of reproductive health and challenges the deleterious consequences of these diseases and associated burdens in our lives and communities. We offer comprehensive and holistic workshops informed by thoughtful analysis to include discussions on reproductive health/diseases and associated issues.

Sisterhood Empowerment Circle

This group mobilizes black women and our allies to critically examine structured inequalities that make us and our young girls more vulnerable to chronic diseases of the reproductive system.  The group provides a safe environment to advocate and organize around current concerns regarding our reproductive health and various political, public health, and social policies—as we simultaneously explore our resiliency and strengths.

The Wisdom Corner for Reproductive Health

This program is designed for women of African descent over the age of 55 years old to increase awareness and foster an empowering mature woman-to-woman corner about reproductive health and diseases of the reproductive system. Workshops and training activities discussions on related to topics such as:  reproductive health concept beyond childbearing age and motherhood, recognition of special reproductive health needs of older women, gynecological cancers in older women of African descent, benefits of physical activities and emotional well-being in relation to reproductive health, traditional storytelling to address complex issues.